ChickTech High School Program Kick Off

ChickTech: High School is a free program created to show high school girls that technology can be fun and exciting. 

Our Bay Area team created a comprehensive academic year-long program that began last December with a 2-day event for a cohort of 100 high school girls.

This event was designed to help girls explore technology, build their confidence, and create a positive association with technology. Girls all the way from San Jose to Santa Rosa joined us at Lithium Technologies in San Francisco for this unique learning experience!

Picture Credit: Grace Huang 

Our community of workshop leaders designed special curricula for our participants, so everyone, regardless of tech related experience, had an opportunity to learn and achieve amazing milestones. For instance, the girls developed a messaging web app, learned about Cryptography, electronics, and many other topics!

chicktechsf2016-16-copyPicture Credit: Grace Huang

It was also a great opportunity for the girls to create natural connections with other young women from the Bay Area, and meet Tara Hernandez and Yardley Ip, both professional women working in technology, “role models” for everyone in the room.

We closed the weekend with our Tech Show and raffle — the girls were so proud to present their project to their family and friends, and the lucky few were excited to win an iPad or an Oculus Rift! Check out our Kick Off memories here!

chicktechsf2016-52 Picture Credit: Grace Huang 

We were amazed by the girls’ commitment and curiosity, and their feedback is a great source of motivation for us! picture1

A big shout out to everyone who made this event possible, the girls, our community of workshop leaders and volunteers, and our sponsors! We are looking forward to having our monthly workshops! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get our last news!

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ChickTech is a registered 501(c)3.