January Workshop – Video Game Development

Last January, we had our first monthly workshop! Pivotal Labs, Lumosity and Playcrafting teamed up to give our girls the opportunity to learn how to create their own version of the iconic Space Invader video game!

The girls started the day with a fun icebreaker. To get into the maker mindset, the girls were tasked with assembling their best, tallest pipe-cleaner structures possible under a series of challenges and real-world roadblocks, like team structuring and budget cuts. They experienced what it’s like to be on a real-world project.

Then, Laura Piersall, senior game engineer and designer at Lumosity, assisted by Bill (engineer/game designer) and Brendan (games artist and avid gamer), taught the girls how to use Unity to create and animate their own spaceship, aliens, blasters, collision, and much more.

Laura provided the baseline assets for the game’s development, but the Unity software allowed the girls to really flex their creativity, allowing them to develop their own custom gaming functions and really make it their own!

The girls had the opportunity to meet Talia Chriqui, Cinematics Editor at EA Games. She shared a video reel of her amazing work, behind-the-scenes info, and discussed internship opportunities at EA and other ways to break into the industry.

The girls had a lot of fun and were surprised by how much development goes into their favorite video games, like Undertale or the Last of Us. With these new skills, they’re ready to take on the gaming industry!

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Since our workshop Laura has released ‘Organic Order’ (a new problem solving game) on Lumosity mobile.  It’s a logic game, inspired by the LSAT. Check out more info about it here!

None of this would have been possible without our partners ! Thanks for your support!


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