February Workshop – Mobile UX Design

This past February, we had our second monthly workshop! Asurion and Chick Tech Bay Area teamed up to give high school girls the opportunity to learn about Mobile UX design led by Lindsey Salzer Brant and Toni Adams from Asurion (check out our interview with them here).

The workshop group started the day off with an icebreaker. Students, instructors, and TAs were asked to write down hashtags that defined their personality, as well as their ambitions. At the end of the icebreaker the wall was made up by a rainbow of post-it notes, outlining the diversity in the room (see photo). This exercise tapped into people’s creativity, self-expression, and goal-setting, which is especially relevant in the world of STEM.


As a way to warm up to the theory behind Mobile User Experience (UX), the girls reflected on their own personal use and preferences when it came to interacting with mobile apps. Next, the group took a deep dive into Asurion Memories, an app that seamlessly backs up and preserves photos and videos. By exploring the app step by step and walking through the user’s journey, the girls tapped into the mindset of a UX Designer, and thus quickly began noting the app’s pros/cons.

The girls were tasked to design an app that solved real world problems. They were given the opportunity to work with partners or small groups led by TAs to identify and solve problems using the user experience framework. During the first half of the day the girls strategized their idea by means of thinking about the human behavior behind the problems they had identified. They worked together to study apps that solved similar issues and discussed how and why people are using them. Moreover, as inspiration for their mobile app designs, the girls reflected on how they personally use apps and why certain apps or features are better than others.

Then, Stephanie Sexton, Principal User Experience Designer, taught the girls about UXPin, the software that UX enthusiasts and professionals use to draft their mobile app UX designs. By meticulously laying out their app outline students used creativity and persistence to design their app in real time. For example, the girls executed every minor detail, from creating an intuitive menu bar to deciphering the most optimal way to display time. The precise attention to detail gave the girls a new appreciation of the work and time that goes into the creation of their favorite apps! Fun fact: Asurion was even able to get an extension for the free trial of UXPin, so the girls who attended the workshop can use it free for 3 months!


In the end, the group created apps for several reasons; to help teenagers find part time jobs, help teenagers build their financial health and independence, help teenagers with time management, help teenagers find internships or after-school programs (like ChickTech!), and even, create a digital, international metro pass!  

The group did a phenomenal job solving problems that impact them and their peers on a day to day basis.

Thank you Asurion for sharing your mobile expertise, and thank you to all the girls who spent their Saturday with us!

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