Interview with Anisha Acharya

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  •  April 20, 2017
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Anisha is a 10th grade student at Mission San Jose High.  She attended our kick-off event last November and we’ve seen her at almost every one of our workshops since.  She has shown tremendous enthusiasm for the program and an aptitude for science and tech! We asked her for some of her thoughts.

ChickTech – How did you hear about ChickTech?

Anisha – I first heard about the Chicktech workshop from my mom. She wanted me to get a feel for the whole tech thing, and we had previously tried to get into Girls Who Code, but there wasn’t enough space. We looked for another option, and that appeared in the form of Chicktech.


CT – What do you like/prefer the most about the program?

A – I like how this program really appeals to girls, and is really welcoming. Even if you don’t really know anything about tech, ChickTech does their best to help you along during the program, and all the volunteers are really kind. When I had been to other coding events, I was usually the only girl there, and there was no one there who really wanted to help me and I felt lost.


CT – What did you like about the Mobile UX design workshop?

A – My favorite thing about Mobile UX is that it’s not entirely about tech, it’s about empathy and really understanding how people’s thought processes work. There’s a strong sense of psychology involved, which really interests me.


CT – You said you were very interested in Mobile UX Design. What do you like about it?

A – Like I said before, understanding people and applying that to making an application really interests me.


CT – If not Mobile UX design would you consider pursuing studies in STEM or a career in a different technology area? Which one (Data Science/Programming Languages/Web Development/other engineering)?

A – If I didn’t want to do Mobile UX, I’d want to do something related to biology. It’s one of the only subjects that I’m good at, and it interests me.


CT – Few girls are involved in tech-related studies or careers. Why do you think that is? How do you think we can change it?

A – I think there are very few girls in the tech industry because of being told as they’re growing up that they can’t do it, because technology is something meant for boys. It is also a male-dominated industry which I think intimidates a lot of girls. I think we can change it by more representation of women in tech. Representation could inspire some girl out there to think that she could change the world, and without it, wouldn’t believe in herself.


CT – What would you say to other girls to encourage them to try a ChickTech workshop?

A – I would encourage them to try out different workshops, see what they’re passionate about because there really is something for everyone. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get it the first time. It’s a learning process.


CT – Do you have any female role models or people that inspire you? Who? How?

A – Actress Janelle Monáe inspires me because she’s not afraid to break boundaries and she’s a very passionate activist.


CT – Do you have an inspirational quote that you could share with us?

A – “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”- Eleanor Roosevelt


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