March Workshop – Intro to Electronics

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  •  April 21, 2017
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ChickTech kicked off March’s Intro to Electronics Workshop with a team-based brainstorming session. Each team had two minutes to come up with as many places as possible that use circuits. All the teams came up with several everyday objects which require circuits to function.

Below are the lists the teams came up with:

TEAM: TA: Immanuel, Students: Ouyanatu, Binta, Arielle

lights, refrigerator, clock, TV, computer, camera, projector, oven, microwave, coffee machine, cars, planes, BART, trains, phones


TEAM: TA: Pooja, Students: Nikita, Vidusha, Tria, Patricia

flashlight, phone, computer, microwave, toaster, speaker amp, monitor, heater, light switch, oven, fridge, stove, car, toy car, remote


TEAM: Workshop Instructor: Rob, Students: Ana Sofia, Leslie

refrigerator, toaster, phone, computer, airplane, TV, car, tablet, projector, clocks, lights, blender, oven, security cameras, human nervous system, robots


For the main event of the workshop the students learned how to read an electronics schematic and translate that into laying parts out on a breadboard. Rob started out by explaining the symbols on the schematics the girls would need to read.  The workshop was broken down into multiple phases that allowed the girls to construct the project into four connecting parts that created a breadboard version of the Cyclone arcade game!

Pushing a button starts the game by causing LEDs to flash in a sequence. To win, players must let go of the button when the designated “winning” LED is lit. The teams used breadboards, wire strippers, needle nose pliers, potentiometers, 9V batteries, LEDs, capacitors, resistors, 555 timers, and more! Overall, every team did a fantastic job learning how to solve electronic schematics. Thank you to all the girls and volunteers who participated, and to Pivotal Labs for donating their space on a Saturday!

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