April Workshop – Intro to HTML, CSS, and Javascript

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  •  May 24, 2017
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Last April, our students attended an Intro to HTML, CSS, and Javascript workshop hosted by our partner “Holberton School of Software Engineering” and led by Melody, a General Assembly instructor, and her friends.

The girls started the day with a front end overview with Melody. She explained the difference between HTML, CSS and JavaScript, then put Atom, a modern text editor used by professionals, into the students’ hands. The girls learned how to work with a split pane view, how to view the source code behind a web page and they started writing their first lines of HTML, discovering the importance of the syntax.

Once familiar with HTML, the technology used to define the structure of a webpage, Megan taught the girls how to display elements on a webpage. She taught them everything about CSS: syntax, properties (background-color, font-color, font-family, font-size), values (red, blue, times) and units (px).

The girls then applied their knowledge to creating their own webpage. They displayed their name and a greeting message, they added pictures, changed the frame and then played with the background color, the font, and the font color. Nathan then introduced Javascript, a popular language for programming on the web, helping the girls build an emoji finder!  Our girls were very creative!!

During the lunch break, the girls had the opportunity to share a Q&A session with Jay, Sam and Steven, students at Holberton School.

Jay, Sam and Steven shared their background and advice gained from their experience as students at Holberton. They emphasized on the importance to not only learn how to code, but to learn how to learn – to always be prepared for the changing environment of the tech industry! It was a great discussion of students to other students.

We ended our workshop with a show and tell where every girl made a demo to explain their project. Want to discover them?  Have a look at our album here!

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