Tanvi Kolte


Tanvi is a Co-Director of ChickTech: Bay Area where she leads the career program, our annual ACT-W conference and corporate partnerships and sponsorships.  She graduated from UC San Diego with a degree in Electrical Engineering in 2016 and currently works as a DevOps Engineer at Cisco Systems in San Jose, California.  In her free time, she loves to read science fiction books and spend time with friends and family!

Pooja Pasawala


Pooja is a Co-director of ChickTech: Bay Area where she leads the high school program, mentorship program, and communications and marketing. She is a software engineer at True Link Financial. In her spare time Pooja enjoys going to the movies, eating ice cream, and doing yoga.

Rebecca Hsieh

Partnerships Lead

Rebecca is the Partnerships Lead for ChickTech: Bay Area, and is also a software engineer at Cisco Systems. She is a Washington native, and earned her B.S. in Computer Science from Western Washington University. Rebecca is passionate about volunteering and giving back to the community. In her free time, she enjoys snowboarding, cooking, and baking.

Olivia Hu

Design Lead

Olivia is the Design Lead for ChickTech: Bay Area, and creates the emails and visual assets for all of our events. She has a M.S. in Digital Media from New York University and wants to use interaction design to connect people, tell stories, and create solutions for social issues. Olivia is also a photographer capturing the Californian lifestyle. In her spare time, she enjoys blogging about her work and playing video games.

Sandra Jurado Colinas

Volunteer Manager

Sandra is the Volunteer Manager at ChickTech: Bay Area’s high school program. She recently moved from San Sebastian (Spain), looking for a new challenges. She is used to wear many hats ranging Event Organizer, Executive Assistant and PR. She is a strong believer of how technology can be used for good to connect people and make a deep social impact for our future generations. In her free time, she enjoys to attend networking events, dance any kind of music and cooking.

Kassia Filkins

Career Development Event Manager

 Kassia is the Career Development Event Manager for ChickTech: Bay Area. She is also on the Marketing Team at Present Company. As California native, she earned her B.A. in International Relations from San Francisco State University. In her free time you can find her outside enjoying the vast California outdoors on a hike or in a park with a good book and a full grocery bag full of Trader Joe’s goodies.

Allison Hall

Mentorship Program Lead

Allison is the Mentorship Program Lead for ChickTech: Bay Area. She is a frontend software engineer at brightwheel with a passion for technology outreach and education. Allison also runs half marathons, is learning photography, and loves to travel.

Nigar Zeynalova

Social Media Manager

Nigar is the Social Media Manager at ChickTech: Bay Area, where she is responsible for creating content and promoting ChickTech within social pages. She is professional in fashion and cosmetics industry and owns online store for cosmetics. During her free time she takes over some volunteer projects where she further develops herself and learns new stuff.

Aron Cutler

High School Workshop Manager

Aron is the High School Workshop Manager for ChickTech: Bay Area. He has a diverse background, with graduate degrees in Clinical Psychology and Electronic Business and is currently a Software Engineer at Uber. In his free time, he loves to travel, try new restaurants, go to concerts, and play board games.

Juliet Skaggs

Finance Director

Juliet is the Finance Director for ChickTech: Bay Area where she manages all chapter finances. She is a Senior Accountant at a cosmetics company named Kendo, which is part of LVMH. Juliet enjoys living in and exploring beautiful San Francisco, cooking a delicious meal, camping all over California, and finding balance via yoga.

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