ChickTech: High School program is an academic year long series of monthly hands-on and tech related workshops for a cohort of high school girls.

Learn more and nominate a student for the 2021/2022 program year!

This program is much more than just an opportunity to learn about tech careers, it is a fun, positive learning experience designed to build participants’ confidence in their technical abilities, provide positive role models, and create connections with other young women from San Francisco and surrounding areas.

All workshops are hands-on and project-based so that participants come out of each with a sense of accomplishment and a burst of confidence. They remain engaged and learning through follow-up workshops throughout the year. Offerings include robotics, web programming, gaming, and building computers.  You can have a look at our memories here or read about our accomplishments here.

The program is free! Through generous donations from local companies, our events are offered free-of-charge to participants, with transportation provided as needed.

A crucial aspect of our program is finding young women who would not otherwise have thought of themselves as capable of succeeding in a high tech career. So we aim at working with Educators. Educators see young women not reach their potential in STEM because they thought it was too difficult—or it wasn’t what they’ve seen women do . By asking educators to hand-select our participants, we are giving our participants a vote of confidence: people who know them and their abilities have nominated them for this exclusive opportunity!

“This year, my senior year, I have applied to engineering schools for college. Without having the experience of ChickTech, I wouldn’t have even thought to be interested in technology. Now I want to go to school for it.”

ChickTech: High School Participant

ChickTech is a registered 501(c)3.