Pooja Pasawala


Pooja is the Director of ChickTech: Bay Area where she leads the high school program, sponsorships, and communications and marketing. She is a software engineer at True Link Financial. In her spare time Pooja enjoys going to the movies, eating ice cream, and doing pilates.

Juliet Skaggs

Finance Director

Juliet is the Finance Director for ChickTech: Bay Area where she manages all chapter finances. She is a Senior Accountant at a cosmetics company named Kendo, which is part of LVMH. Juliet enjoys living in and exploring beautiful San Francisco, cooking a delicious meal, camping all over California, and finding balance via yoga.

Suzy Hong

Participation Manager

Suzy is the Participation Manager for the ChickTech: Bay Area. Suzy, a SoCal native, recently moved back to California from Boston where she attended Olin College of Engineering for her engineering degree and worked in the wearables industry afterwards. She is passionate about empowering women and young female students to challenge the status quo and never take no for an answer!

Mia Choi

Design Lead

Mia is the Design Lead for ChickTech: Bay Area. She is the founder of Hammie Hamster Labs, Inc. where she develops girl-friendly engineering toys and apps. During her Master’s program in Korea, she realized the synergetic power of design and engineering in inspiring girls to build the things they want. After becoming a mom of a baby girl, she is now working hard to come up with a balance between caring for her baby and her career so that she can be both a fun and inspiring role model for her daughter.


Volunteer & Community Manager

Kelsey Carter

High School Workshop Manager


Marketing Lead

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