ChickTech is a non-profit organization dedicated to retaining women in the technology workforce and increasing the number of girls pursuing technology-based careers by building community and providing networking opportunities, mentoring, and empowering women and girls to see themselves as leaders in the rapidly growing high tech industry. We fulfill our mission by creating fun events for girls and women.

We are looking for Teacher Assistants for our kickoff event and our monthly workshops

Monthly workshops are part of our High School program, where teenage girls will have the opportunity to explore technology careers through hands-on workshops and meet inspiring role models. Usually, workshops take place on a Saturday from 10am to 5pm (shifts from 10am to 1pm // 1pm to 5pm) in SoMa or Financial District area. Upcoming event: November 10 – 11, 2018

We are looking for Teacher Assistants in the following areas:

  • UX Design
  • Game Development
  • Web Development
  • Open Source
  • App Development
  • Electronics
  • Cryptography
  • Robotics

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Want to help us with another role?

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ChickTech is a registered 501(c)3.